Billings Logan International Airport welcomes a new addition to its aviation family with the inauguration of Beacon Air Group, the latest Fixed Base Operator (FBO) to grace the vibrant skies of Billings, Montana.

About Beacon Air Group:

Situated at 2390 Overlook Drive, Billings, Beacon Air Group offers a state-of-the-art facility designed to cater to the diverse needs of aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Beacon Air Group has swiftly become a prominent player in the region’s aviation landscape.

Services Offered:

Beacon Air Group stands out for its dedication to providing unparalleled services. From Tel/Text assistance at 800.700.5107 to round-the-clock availability, the FBO ensures that every aspect of your aviation needs is met with precision and care. Whether you are a seasoned pilot or a first-time flyer, Beacon Air Group is committed to making your experience at Billings Logan International Airport seamless and enjoyable.

A New Era for Billings:

As the newest air terminal in Billings, Beacon Air Group represents a milestone in the city’s aviation history. The modern facility, coupled with a team of experienced professionals, positions Billings Logan International Airport as a hub for top-tier aviation services and a symbol of progress in the region.

Step into the future of aviation at Beacon Air Group – where excellence takes flight.

For more information, contact Beacon Air Group at [email protected] or visit

BILLINGS, MT (KBIL) | Billings Logan International Airport | 2390 Overlook Dr., Billings, MT 59105
tel/text: 800.700.5107 | [email protected] | 7am-7pm daily | 24/7 available